Furniture And Wood Craft Plans Review

If you are married with kids and have a mortgage, car payments, school / college bills etc. you will know just how hard it is to buy furniture when there is little money left out of your monthly pay cheque. Through  frustration and desperation I looked at having a go at making my own furniture using the furniture & wood craft plans package. Now I am not saying that this system  turned me into a master craftsman overnight (far from it) however,  it did teach me basic woodworking skills and after starting on a few small projects i am now able to make beds, tables, wardrobes with relative ease. If you follow the easy to use system you will be amazed by how simple it is let alone the money saved.

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Below I have a review on the furniture & wood craft plan system which outlines what I think of it and what is contained in the package.

So What Is The Furniture & Wood Craft Plans All About?

This package has over 9,000 premium woodworking furniture and  craft plans that are very easy to follow at home. There are a huge range of different projects you can work on with the emphasis  focusing on furniture and small crafts. It contains all the information you need including drawing out clear  diagrams, what tools to use, accurate dimensions and detailed explanations on the  plans design .

I think this is extremely important because  before I started using furniture & wood craft plans I came across a lot of free/paid woodworking site plans that were just plain rubbish. A lot of them had inaccurate dimensions, no explanation on what tools were needed, and bad diagrams that had no step by step instructions  on how to do it.

Good points:

– Every material and tools needed for the project are properly listed.
–  All the diagrams are clear with accurate dimensions.
– Detailed photos show how your project should look at every stage.
– All plans have a detailed explanation that will guide you from the beginning too the end. 
– Everything is printed with proper categorization

Bad points:

After downloading the 9,000 plans i felt a little overwhelmed and was a bit unsure about where to start from.

My suggestion would be that you focus on the projects that interest  you and  want to work with first.
It is very well categorized, so all you need to do is search or go to the  category you want. Eg: As I had absolutely no woodworking experience i started small by building a simple little birdhouse which was in the  “outdoor small crafts” section.

In Conclusion:

I highly recommend this package and think it is fantastic value for money. All the plans are uncomplicated, very straightforward and extremely easy to follow .  If a complete newbie like me is able to master the woodworking skills and  techniques then there is hope for everyone (I really mean it).

Another good thing with this site (unlike others) is that they are consistently updating their members’ area with new woodworking  plans, all for free without additional charges.

They also offer a free bonus called  “Woodworking Made Easy”. So if you want to grab the free offer, click below to visit the site now.